Amirul Abu - Software Engineer from Malaysia


2021 #

Digital Asset Management #

Web application for managing assets for an engineering design solution company. Among features developed are

Go Print Sticker #

Landing page for collecting leads, every lead is sent to telegram for quick customer follow up. Using serverless framework

2020 #

Faizal Property #

Real estate agent landing page, and custom CRM. Built using NuxtJS, Strapi CMS and MongoDB and deployed on AWS Lightsail.

2019 #

Homestay Teratak Melati #

Static site website with JavaScript for better user experience.

Bedhills Homestay #

Static site website with JavaScript for better user experience.

Belajar Python Bot #

A Telegram bot that asks some questions on Python. If the user answer correctly, admin Belajar Python Telegram Group will be notified.
Telegram Bot

Wasep #

Generate a link that will redirect to your Whatsapp number.

Serverless landing page #

A simple website that asks the user for name and email. Sometimes called as coming soon page. Powered by Zappa, Flask, and Amazon Dynamodb.

Bitcoin Price Checker #

Bitcoin price checker using Python's standard library for GUI, TKinter. Bitcoin price conversion to Ringgit taken from

Weather applet #

A part of freecodecamp projects. Weather applet that uses browser location API.

Wikipedia Viewer #

A part of freecodecamp projects. Search form using wikipedia API.

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